September 2018 Updates


Hey all...I'm testing some new features so please bear with me! I am considering starting a blog or two. One for us, staff updates and things you should know. The other for public.

It's super difficult to try and explain to each and every one of you what is happening beyond the floor at 1B. I'm hoping an "info" blog would be beneficial to you to stay aware of things coming up. Give me your feedback! Would you just prefer I post all the stuffs on Facebook?

General Updates:

ArtPrize 10 - September 19th through October 6th


What are WE doing?
One Bourbon does have an entry. It is a video of a local dancer (modern and hip hop) that will be playing on a loop. The giant TV will be located on a stand/table in the front window next to the host station. We are currently figuring out how to get the sound outside without theft and/or breakage. The artist will also come in a few times during ArtPrize to do a couple impromptu performances.
Jones, Deavondre.....68819
You can look him up here 

   We have also partnered with Nomad Galleries (Richard App) and other local business' to coordinate a new approach to ArtPrize in a neighborhood setting. There are 20 entries along our corridor. We are calling it the The WestSide Project ArtWalk.
   Maps showing the 20 entries, walk-ability and other fun things are currently available at the Host station! There's also a really large poster in the window if you missed it.
   Knickbocker is also a registered ArtPrize hub, meaning that you can vote there and pick up all the ArtPrize information. There are also new bus routes dropping guests off and picking them up at Knickerbocker. It should be a very large infusion of traffic for us here on the WestSide.

The WestSide Project Presents
click link here for all the info

You've all by now heard something about a dinner and a fair. In collaboration with the ArtWalk The WestSide Project is also holding a StreetFair.

September 22nd, 12pm to 8pm, on BROADWAY between Bridge and First. Also on Seward and First street - Market side and in front of Rockford construction. It's big, k?
There is entirely too much happening over there to try and describe it. It's A LOT. And it's all of the fun things you ever wanted to do. Couch painting? Giant murals? Chalk artists? Puppets? Animals? Screen printing? BEER? Computer recycling? Robots? WHISKEY? 

There's another giant poster in our window. But it's also below.

What are WE doing?
WE ARE THE WESTSIDE PROJECT along with Anna Baeten (Scratch Branding and Funky Buddha - also Megan's boss), Pete Brand (Mindscape) and Richard App (Nomad Galleries). So that means we're doing every damn thing.

What are YOU doing?
We will be open our normal business hours on Saturday, September 22nd and we will serve our normal menu.
We are also hosting the cocktail bar for the StreetFair. That bar is located directly in front of Rockford Construction (First Street) and will be open from 11am to MIDNIGHT. Wait, what? Doesn't it close at 8pm? Why yes, the FAIR closes at 8:00pm. But there's one more thing.

Eat like an Artist, September 22nd, 7pm to 11:00pm
A collaborative WestSide experience and benefit dinner like no other. Proceeds to benefit Friends of Grand Rapids Parks and their work on the WestSide.

9 Restaurants. 6 Courses. Each course crafted by a different WestSide restaurant. Each course inspired by a different historical artist. Each course experience complemented by a local story teller. 

Restaurant Partners: One BourbonThe SovengardButcher's UnionAnchor BarMayan Buzz CafeMayan Chocolate & Ice CreamLong Road DistillersNew Holland Brewing The KnickerbockerHarmony Brewing Company

EatLikeArtistWSPposter (1).jpg

There are posters of this on all of our doors. Here's the deets:

Closing FIRST street between Seward and Lexington on September 22nd from 6am to 2am on the 23rd. 40x160 tent, 25 farm tables, 200 seats. 16 cocktail tables. Stage, sound system. Decor from Posh Petals - CHANDELIERS in the tent. Red carpet, stanchion, coat check, all the fancy stuff. Silent Auction inside Rockford's "Roc" Room. The bar that we will have open that day will serve as the bar for the dinner. A 20x40 tented area for kitchen prep/plating. I have maps. With TO SCALE diagrams. It's gonna be EPIC.

each restaurant was given an artist. Each had to create a dish that the artist liked to eat (or as best we could tell from Google searching). They are also creating a cocktail sampler to go along with each course. The restaurant will deliver their food to the tented kitchen prep area and it will be plated and served along with their cocktail pairing.

1B has a passed appetizer - so does Harmony Hall. We chose the passed app option as we are closest to the event space and can easily walk over with some food. Gumbo in tomato soup can and cream cheese/date sandwiches. (Our artist is Andy Warhol.)

There will be a dance performance and live music in the tented dinner. Tickets are $130 a piece.

How does this affect YOU?
   One to two staff members will be with me over at the dinner site. We will also staff the bar all day. We're also asking any friends and family of staff members to swing by and help us set-up and tear down. We need to have the street functioning again by 2am.
   There is a sign up for volunteering - it is through Friends of GR Parks so it counts as credits if anyone needs them.

WSP Business Guide (1).jpg

Here is the business guide with all of the social links if you are so inclined to share! The more people we get to these things, the more traffic we'll bring to the WestSide.








More things...

Event season is upon us. BEO's are located in the BEO binder on my desk. Feel free to take a look at what's up-coming.

We have been paying special attention to Average Cover - our goal is $25.50 per person! Up-selling, recommending dessert, apps all the things. Remember that you are SALES people. Not order takers.


Wednesday's, October 10th through November 14th

Whiskey League 2.0 - The Alumni Season

  • October 10th, 2018 - Barrel fun. Barrel aging a cocktail, cocktail making class. Host - me.
  • October 17th, 2018 - Journeyman. We will also unveil our BARREL PICK from them. Host - Journeyman.
  • October 24th, 2018 - Buffalo Trace family. Haven't decided which whiskey. Host - Jack DeMaar.
  • November 7th, 2018 - Iron Fish. They have a port finish and a rum cask finish that's new and not out yet. Host - Iron Fish.
  • November 15th, 2018 - Bookers – new releases. Host - me.

Thursday's, October 11th through November 15th

Whiskey League Fall 2018

  • October 11th, 2018 - Two James Whiskey's! All hail our Detroit friends. Two James Grass Widow, J. Riddle, Johnny Smoking Gun & Rye Dog.
  • October 18th, 2018 - Gray Skies Distillery presented by co-founder Brandon Vorhees. Learn about their fabulous spirits plus a Rye whiskey showdown.
  • October 25th, 2018 - Buffalo Trace Family. Learn about this celebrated bourbon family while tasting Buffalo Trace White Dog, Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Colonel EH Taylor.
  • November 8th, 2018 - Wine and Whiskey presented by Katelyn Antor of National Wine and Spirits. We will be learning about wine aged in whiskey barrels and whiskey aged in wine barrels.
  • November 15th, 2018 - Some like it HOT. Learn about Booker's bourbon with three different releases from 2017/2018.